Our process

our process

Financial Planning

We want to make sure that you get the transparency you deserve when you decide to invest in a new house. We’ll be more than glad to help you make an informed decision on the cost estimate, feasibility of the project, and the funding approval.

Project Collaboration

In order to minimize abrupt changes or revisions, we ensure that we are in line with what’s been decided in the project. We collaborate with our subcontractors and consultants so that we have a comprehensive overview of the project and point out some areas that need deliberation. We want to make the project execution as seamless as possible for you.

Safety-First Approach in Construction

Sunshine Coast Home Renovations wants to make sure that everything is safe before you move back into your newly renovated home. We believe in quality as well as providing a safe environment with adherence to the safety standards. We have our team who will always make sure to see the project completion through.